Referral sign up

How to sign up for Referral!

How it works:

1 – Log in to your profile page. Fill out the Referral form and email it to your customer to click on the consent form that allows us to contact them with price quotes and service activation options.

2 – You may also choose to copy the Quick Quote page link and send that to your customer. Please note that this method requires the customer to input your name in the referral box for you to receive credit for the referral.

3 – Checks will be mailed to you for each customer that signs up for service and maintains active status beyond the provider’s minimum cancellation term (usually 30 days). Checks are issued on a monthly basis and sent to the address on your profile page.

4 – Referral amounts vary depending on the internet speeds, channel packages and number of services activated by the customer. An updated referral rates chart can be found on your profile page and typically ranges between $10 and $75.00 per customer.

5 – Referrals are for new or qualified transfer services only. You get paid when we get paid by the provider for the activations. Any duplicate referrals, order flipping or otherwise disqualified referrals will be automatically cancelled and will not receive credit.

6 – Referrals exceeding $600.00 per year must be reported to the IRS. Prior to this point a representative will contact you and provide the paperwork necessary to maintain proper reporting compliance.

7 – You may keep track of your referrals in the report tab which will be updated with current status activity and allow you to see which orders are completing and will pay out for you.

8 – Our staff is available to you by phone should you have any questions or concerns regarding referral status, missing payments, or customer service questions.

Please contact:
Terri Miller
Cascade Satellite Tv & Internet Inc.

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